Massage Therapy + Body Treatments

When you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside.

In today's stressful world, massage therapy has become an essential way to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind. Massage therapy relieves tension, calms the mind, soothes aching muscles and improves flexibility. We cater to your comfort and well-being as you experience the healing power of touch in the hands of our highly skilled massage therapists. Many of our customers come from nearby Issaquah Highlands, Redmond and Snoqualmie for our massage therapy.

1 Hour | $85
1 and a Half Hour | $120

This classic full body massage uses long, kneading strokes to sooth sore muscles and reduce tension.

1 Hour | $98
1 and a Half Hour | $139

This intense massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Slow yet strong and steady pressure is used to release muscle tension and aches.

1 Hour | $122
1 and a Half Hour | $155

Heated river stones are used in conjunction with massage to relieve tension, warm muscles and promote relaxation.

Yonka Aroma Fusion Rituals

Our Aroma Rituals are a collection of body exfoliating treatments and massage combination services. Each ritual is 90 minutes in length and promises to send you on an aromatic and relaxing escape.

90 minute Journey | $150

The re-balancing and calming effects of Lavender and Everlasting are infused throughout this full body ritual. A gentle exfoliation granule is used to deliver the delicate essence of Lavender and Everlasting aromas. It is followed by a full body Swedish Massage with a hydrating blend of facial quality of body crème infused with complimenting essential oils.

90 minute Journey | $155

Transport to a heavenly place with the warm and floral notes of Tiare flowers and Jasmine during this body ritual. Choose your scrub intensity. We recommend the moderate sugar granule. This aroma relaxation treatment is followed by an indulgent full body massage plus Hot Stones to relax your body and mind.

90 minute Journey | $165

A revitalizing blend of Mandarin and Sweet Orange essential oils promote balance and vitality during this body ritual. Choose your scrub intensity. We recommend the moderate sugar granule or intense granule for optimal results. This aroma relaxation treatment is followed by a rebalancing massage using both Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage techniques to awaken your senses, free you from stress, fight against physical and mental fatigue, and recover your energy level.


Indulge yourself with a full body Yonka experience with an exfoliating body treatment, massage, and facial. This body ritual is 2 hours and 45 minutes of escape that promises to treat every inch of your body, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated. Excellent gift for your special someone. Services include: Aroma-Fusion Ritual of choice and Classic Facial.

Discounted Massage Packages

Discounted Massage Packages are available at Bel Viso Day Spa for those who desire a more
therapeutic level of treatment.

  • Purchase 5 massages of the same kind and receive your 6th massage free.
  • Receive a rebooking discount on your return massage, ask your massage therapist or front desk coordinator for details.

Massage Enhancements



Incorporate your choice of essential oils derived from petals, leaves, roots, and bark of plants to heighten your senses, promote relaxation and overall wellbeing.

Gentle Dry Brushing


Rhythmic strokes with a natural bristle is a great beginning to your massage. Dry brushing removes surface skin cells, increases circulation and benefits lymphatic flow throughout the body.

Hydrotherapy Heat Packs


Deep penetrating moist heat therapy is used to relieve sore muscles and tightness prior to your massage.


"Lorilee is amazing. I have been working with her for a long time and I always feel comfortable that her skincare advice is sound and that she truly believes in all the products she recommends."

Carla Berg

"Love Bel Viso and all the staff. I have been a client for over 10 years and my services with Tiffany are always done with great care."

Leslie G

"Whether it's a massage, facial, waxing, every service provider at Bel Viso is excellent. It's the best day spa in the area."

Melissa B.

“Amazing spa. Amazing treatments. Amazing skin technicians and staff!! Definitely would recommend! Don’t know what I would do without his place!!”