Waxing & Tinting

When you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside.

Bel Viso Day Spa in Sammamish offers permanent and temporary hair reduction of unwanted hair. Waxing is a quick and easy service to temporarily remove unwanted hair in men and women. It lasts longer than shaving and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. For more information on permanent hair reduction of unwanted hair, please see Laser Hair Removal treatments.

Hair growth should be 1/4 inch long, but not longer than 1/2 inch. Due to sensitiity, we regret that we cannot perform waxing services on clients taking Accutane, sun sensitive antibiotics or Retin A.

Facial Waxing

Brow - $29
Lip - $20
Chin - $20
Sideburns - $20
Jawline - $25
Brow Tweeze - $29

Upper Body Waxing

Underarm - $30
Half Arm - $45
Full Arm - $54
Hands - $20
Stomach - $37
Little Trail - $22

Lower Body Waxing

Bikini - $50
Extended Bikini - $64
Brazilian - $83
Full Leg - $88
Half Leg - $55
Full Back - $79
Chest - $55

Waxing For Men

Men Benefit from waxing too! At Bel Viso Day Spa in Sammamish we make this a comfortable and easy experience. Common areas that men seek waxing for are: Back, Chest, Shoulders and the Back of Neck. The same waxing precautions apply for men as women, please read above for details.

Pricing For Men
Ears - $20
Back of Neck - $34
Shoulders - $35
Half Back - $39

For pricing on additional areas and information on our discounted waxing packages, please talk to your aesthetician.

Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting takes advantage of your eyelashes natural length by darkening the lashes to make them more visible. With guidance from your esthetician, the appropriate color will be selected to compliment your hair color. The esthetician then carefully applies the tint to your lashes. Once it is applied, it will remain on your lashes for approximately 10-15 minutes before it is rinsed from your lashes. The entire process takes approximately 20-30 minutes and lasts about a month. Keep in find that tinting does not increase fullness and thickness of your lashes. To increase fuller, thicker lashes please look into Latisse that we have for sale in our Boutique.

Eyelash Tinting - $35

Eyebrow Tinting

Bring out the beauty of your eyes with eyebrow tinting performed by the skilled estheticians at Bel Viso Day Spa! The eye area is sensitive, therefore it must be performed by a professional. At Bel Viso Day Spa we only use safe, quality tinting products. Choose a tint that will blend with your hair color for the best results. The tint is applied to your brows and left for 3-5 minutes to work its magic and then thoroughly rinsed.

Eyebrow Tinting - $29


"Lorilee is amazing. I have been working with her for a long time and I always feel comfortable that her skincare advice is sound and that she truly believes in all the products she recommends."

Carla Berg

"Love Bel Viso and all the staff. I have been a client for over 10 years and my services with Tiffany are always done with great care."

Leslie G

"Whether it's a massage, facial, waxing, every service provider at Bel Viso is excellent. It's the best day spa in the area."

Melissa B.

“Amazing spa. Amazing treatments. Amazing skin technicians and staff!! Definitely would recommend! Don’t know what I would do without his place!!”